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Meet Phanos Trangolas

Phanos is a highly sought after Holistic Therapist. He is an advanced Naturopath, Nutritionist, Western Herbalist & Acupuncturist with over 30 years of experience.

He believes in a holistic approach to health & wellness and that in order for an individual to reach optimal health, wellness & happiness all aspects of an individual's life require acknowledgment.

He has worked with many people and with a various range of health conditions over the years.  He tailors his therapy to suit each client's specific health needs.

Phanos mission is to find and treat the root cause of the health concern rather than only treating symptoms.

His love and passion for natural medicine doesn't go unnoticed by his clients and he provides a comfortable environment for each client.

Professional Associations: AHPRA & ATMS

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Invest in your mind.
Invest in your health.
Invest in yourself.

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Invest in your mind.
Invest in your health.
Invest in yourself.

Meet Vanessa Trangolas

Vanessa is a Women's Counsellor and a Nutrition & Health Coach. She began her studies by completing a Bachelor in Psychology (Applied Science) Degree. Her passion has always been in psychology, counselling and mental health.

Vanessa specialises in anxiety and has extensive 

knowledge around overcoming panic disorder and anxiety management.  She also provides support with low self-esteem, trauma, relationship issues and depression.

She works with her nutrition & health coaching clients in supporting them to create long lasting lifestyle changes and helps them to meet their unique needs and health goals.  There is no one-size fits all approach to health and wellness and therefore Vanessa helps her clients in recognising what best works for them as an individual. She helps them to discover how to fuel their bodies, live a healthy lifestyle all while being the happiest and best versions of themselves.

Her mission is to help women all around the world create a vibrant & fulfilling life!  All while supporting them to overcome their mental blocks guiding them on their journey to living a life of happiness, self love & self worth.