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I understand and agree that BODY WISE - VANESSA & PHANOS TRANGOLAS (Podcaster) produces the podcast THE HOLISTIC HEALTH DUO SHOW (Podcast) and blog BODY WISE BLOG.


I warrant and agree that I have capacity to contract and enter into this agreement, and that in doing so will not violate the rights of any third party, including intellectual property rights.


I consent to the Podcaster using the audio and video recording of my voice, name, and image as part of my appearance on the Podcast. I further consent to the distribution and broadcast of my participation and appearance, including any information or content I provide, by the Podcaster in audio, video, or written form without restriction. 


I further acknowledge and agree: 


  1. I will not disclose my participation in the podcast until I am notified to do so by the Podcaster, once notified, I will promote the Podcast on my socials and to my email database;


  1. I will receive no payment for my participation and appearance or for the use of my name, likeness, image or voice. The only consideration I will receive for executing this release will be the exposure I receive to the audience of the Podcast; 


  1. I am granting the Podcaster a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide license to publish any copyrighted work I supply as part of my participation and appearance on the Podcast;


  1. I am waiving any right to publicity and privacy claims; 


  1. I am waiving any intellectual property claims, including, but not limited to, trademark and copyright infringement claims of liability or infringement that arises out of or in relation to my appearance and participation on the Podcast;


  1. that my name, likeness, and business information may be used by Podcaster in the episode in which I appear and future reproductions as well as the marketing materials promoting the Podcast in general; 


  1. that Podcaster is the sole owner of any and all rights to the Podcast, including the episode in which I appear; and 


  1. that Podcaster has the right to edit the content of my appearance and publish the same in any media now and in the future without first obtaining my approval. 


I am releasing and discharging Podcaster together along with all of the Podcaster’s principals, shareholders, officers, employees, agents, successors, and assigns from any and all liability arising out of or in connection with my participation and appearance on the Podcast or the subsequent reproduction and distribution of the episode in which I appear in any medium.